Sustainable Growth from Within - Equipping every level of your organisation for self-propelled and sustainable incremental success.



A system of management that engages every single stakeholder on a continuous improvement journey towards a vision of excellence.



CDI Connect has been successfully implemented in industries ranging from manufacturing, mining, healthcare, financial services, agriculture, logistics, education, sports to telecoms.



These are the characteristics of a healthy organisation.

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.

– John McAfee


CDI, a niche consulting firm, has been operating for over 20 years in more than 75 countries, at more than 5000 sites and in 17 languages.  We specialise in implementing a proprietary system of management, in partnership with our clients, that establishes Focus, Alignment, Collaboration and Engagement throughout their organisation.  This system of management creates the foundation for building a lasting high-performance culture where an innovative and highly engaged workforce is the hallmark.


Organisational Health

Organisational health surpasses all other disciplines as the greatest opportunity for a competitive advantage in business today.  It gives organisations the ability to engage their employees, delight their customers and outperform their competitors.

The key to any healthy organisation is an integrated system of management that engages everyone in a continuous improvement journey towards excellence – CDI Connect.  This foundation delivers exceptional lasting results.

A healthy organisation excels because of FACE:



the ability to focus on a clear purpose and to shift focus over time by responding to market trends.


the ability to align all teams and individuals behind the agreed purpose.


the ability to develop partnerships between all functions that deliver optimal value to the customer.


the ability to engage and empower all team members to fully deploy their talents.

Every organisation we’ve ever been involved with:

Wants to grow something!

Market share, turnover, profitability, capability, agility, sustainability, innovation, etc.

Believes that they are unique!

Most demanding customers, most competitive industry, most complex products or services, most challenging workforce, most severe economic pressures, most unrealistic shareholder expectations, etc.

Our way of working has allowed us to engage with a wide range of clients from every corner of the globe over the past 20 years.  We have been involved in industries ranging from manufacturing, mining, healthcare, financial services, agriculture, logistics, education, sports to telecoms.

The Enablers of CDI Connect

Organisational health is achieved by developing engaged (committed, competent, confident) employees THROUGH the continuous improvement of enabling processes.  Authentic leadership is needed to pioneer this journey.

Only when these three enablers are integrated into a complete system of management, will organisational health be achieved.

Authentic Leadership

Leaders at all levels engage every single employee on a continuous improvement journey towards a vision of excellence.


Our leadership team is exhausted from all the planning, organising, leading and controlling.  They find it virtually impossible to delegate responsibilities to middle and frontline leadership.

Frontline leadership is very weak – we are struggling to develop their mindset and capabilities to the needed levels.

Engaged People

Committed, competent and confident people share their gifts and talents and take positive action to further the organisation’s interests.


Our employees, despite our efforts, are still not aligned nor engaged with the most important priorities in our organisation.  To most, this is just a place of work.

Staff turnover is high and employee morale is low.  Our people do not arrive at work with a sense of purpose and leave with a sense of achievement

Enabling Processes

Processes make it easier, better, faster and cheaper for people to achieve their objectives with zero valueless complexity.


We have grown so much that it is no longer possible for the chosen few to decide and control everything.  We need ways of working that enable people to consistently “do things right”.

Processes are never sustained.  We spend a lot of effort and resources to prepare for audits and client/senior management visits.

We seem to be our own worst enemy. Most of the problems we face can be attributed to the fact that we are not following our own agreed methods.