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Implementation Lessons for Leadership

By September 3, 2019 August 13th, 2020 No Comments

Change leaders will take heart from these simple, yet critical implementation lessons shared by ITG Volgograd’s Alibek and Diana, by now CDI celebrities. Unfortunately, not everything they share is really that new, but the fact that they did and still do that which we all sort of already know we should be doing, makes this such a good reminder: “Engaging everyone every day in making what we do better for all is not rocket science, but it requires managers to actually be THERE and be LEADERS!” Leadership is a daily practice and there is no escape, but the reward of seeing people blossom is the only reward real leaders need.

Their lessons are:

  • Senior management owns the change process from the beginning to the end – changing the company culture cannot be outsourced to HR or CI. The leadership TEAM was involved in-person continuously.
  • The Leadership team took their routines seriously and managed to sustain these responsibilities to lead by example especially during trying times. “They were present everywhere all the time”.
  • The factory leadership team identified three areas of performance that were defined as mission-critical for improvement. Each team then identified how they impacted on these areas of performance and implemented improvement projects throughout the year to positively impact on these areas of performance.

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