Meet the Team


Alex Cunningham

Director, CDi UK

Processes make it Possible, but People make it Happen!

My passion is working with people. Since joining CDI over 20 years ago I have focussed my sense of purpose on assisting organisations to develop their most valuable asset - their Talent. Lean practices include the ability to truly listen to your people. Involvement results in engagement and when individuals and teams are engaged and truly recognised for their contribution and innovation a significant culture change happens. Daily work becomes meaningful, the workplace becomes a great place to be and extraordinary results can be achieved. I am very proud to partner with wonderful clients, observing people having fun achieving results they once could not imagine.

Chris Theron

Director, CDI Connect

“Continuous improvement is the gateway drug to engagement and fulfilment”

I believe that when people experience fulfilment at work, they become better spouses, parents and community members, because when we feel good about ourselves, we give back to those around us. I also believe that businesses should only exist to improve the lives of people through the value it creates. By helping organisations create more value and less waste, I help people feel better about their place in society and their workplace. I do this by helping leaders become more authentic, developing their ability to inspire the best in those they lead. I find it a privilege to be able to use CDI Connect on a daily basis to turn organisations into workplaces where there is purpose, authenticity and where people can grow beyond their perceived limits.

Karl Rommelspacher

Director, CDi Cape

My first exposure to CDI and the CDI way of working was as a client. After having seen how significant the impact was on those around me, their drive, their passion and performance I wanted to be part of the journey of taking this way of working far and wide. Since joining CDI in 2015 it has been my great privilege to help organisations help themselves, through creating an enabling environment for their employees. Seeing managers grow into genuine leaders, be it in Africa, Europe or South America is particularly satisfying. By helping organisations develop and grow their employees, they look after their customers who intern look after the shareholders.

Muzamal Bakri

Director, CDI Services Sdn. Bhd.

I see myself as a Factory person. I spent more than 25 years working in the factory and it was never a dull moment. Factory is about managing Man, Machines and Systems. But it’s the former that is most challenging but most fulfilling. I enjoyed working with the front liners and seeing them giving their best and putting back the dignity in their work and that was the real reason I joined CDI. Our mission is to assist organisations to become world class and a great place to work where they come to work with a sense of purpose and leave the work place with a sense of accomplishment. I also believe, with Engagement and Empowerment, we can unlock the potential of every individual and get the best out of them. That is what keeps me excited.

Robert Saunders

Director, CDi Connect

Two fundamental beliefs have always guided my career. Firstly, every individual, team and organisation are capable of achieving results far greater than they could ever imagine for themselves. Also, every person has the right to experience a sense of purpose at work and to make a meaningful contribution. For the past 20 years I have been assisting organisations around the globe to achieve sustained growth and to become great places to work.

Sin Ming Keong

Director, CDi (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

I have been applying MBU program both as a client and a CDI consultant for the past 15 years during which I personally experienced how MBU program helps turnaround low performing factories while others progress to model sites. My greatest satisfaction as a CDI consultant is to see the joy of the workforce making meaningful contributions to the significant achievement of the organisation.

Sven Holmes

Associate, CDI UK

With 20 years of industry experience, I have used CDI many times in the companies I have worked in – both multinational and smaller privately-owned organisations. CDI always stood out as the way of developing the organisations capability in a sustainable way – driven internally by the people who work there. Viewed through the CDI prism of goal alignment, the power of purpose to drive engagement of front line and senior team members is clear. For the last 3 years I have been on the deployment side of the table and find it hugely satisfying to help individuals grow and thrive through the use of the CDI methodology. The effect at an individual level is certainly rewarding, but then to also see the resulting, measurable, performance outcomes rippling through the organisation is impressive. It's a fantastic feeling, knowing that CDI has enabled teams, at all levels, to perform better and enjoy work more.